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Abrasive belts

Abrasive belts is one of our key products from our very beginning as a company. We can produce belts from 6mm  up to 1,65 mtr wide, and as long as you may need. Of course there is a plenty of choices for different qualities according your application and production standards, also you budget planning. 

Ceramic abrasive belts are available in our range


Designed for stainless steel grinding applications. Very long life, extreme material removal rate

Zirconium abrasive belts


Available for applications on steel / stainless steel. Very high cutting rate

Aluminioum oxide abrasive belts 


Available for applications on wood / metals. A very good universal sanding solution

Silicium carbide abrasive belts 


To be used on metals, varnish and natural stone / glass.

Images from our belts conversion machines and process.

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