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Industrial Abrasives and solutions

Abrasive belts, flap discs & wide range of abrasive products


Technoliantiki is the Greek industrial abrasives company that specializes for more than 25 years on top quality abrasives and solutions for industrial use. We offer products from our specialized and modern factory that locates in Northern part of Greece. Lots of expertise can be found here and to assist your most demanding projects.

What we do

We research, produce, test and offer high end coated abrasives for our industrial customers. Our company is converting the highest quality of coated abrasives that imports from the top European manufacturers. We offer, flap discs, abrasive belts, self fastening discs, unitized discs, non woven products, mops with spindle, special wheels and the majority of the  special abrasives that can be found in the market.

Tailored solutions

TECHNOLIANTIKI as a word is made from the combination of the words technology and abrasives. We try to follow this idea every day. We get passionate about providing top solutions for industrial users and abrasives reselling firms. So you can contact for a dedicated to your production surface finishing solution, or you can ask for a special packaging when you resell abrasive products. We are here to support your idea!

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