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Where do we focus?

Passion for high quality:




While our company applies successfully ISO 9001:2008 quality system since 2004, we do not stop only there. Quality is the way we manage all the aspects and procedures within our company. In fact we are passionate with quality!




Packaging is a very important issue for a product. We know this well in our company. This is why we always manage to provide good packaging for our products; not only to make them more attractive but to add good protection and useful - easy to understand- information for the end user.

Keep it simple:




​Another main objective of ours is to communicate with our customers on a simple - not confusing way. We can provide good service without mixing up things. Just tell us what your need is and we will guide you accordingly.

We contribute for a better environment: 




In our company we decided to be environmentally friendly. For this reason we participate in various programs to protect the environment. We are a member in the recycling program for the packaging of our products, and manage to use less packaging materials, we also be a member in the electric devices recycling. Moreover the majority of our printed documents use recycled paper and of course we do collect all the paper inside the company to hand it for recycling.   

Focusing on innovation:




We like innovative thinking and we support innovation throughout our company. We are always attending the latest trends in the abrasives technology and we include new technologies and new products within our production range. We also innovate in our service. We can analyze your particular finishing request and develop the most suitable solution.

Our mission is to achieve customer satisfaction through top service, high quality products and competitive 



Our vision is to become one of the key players in the European abrasives industry.

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