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Abrasive rolls

Since many years now our company is converting abrasive jumbo rolls to use them in the conversion process. We also cut rolls under your specific requirement. Our jumbo roll stock is made of a wide variety of abrasive grain qualities. We normally keep in stock aluminium oxide, zirconium, ceramic, silicon carbide abrasives in paper and in cloth in all the available grits. 



We have flexible cloths for the hand use in the workshop and hard cloths for machine use. Also the same applies to the paper products. Normally jumbos come in the  dimension of 1,25 mtr wide up to 1,65mtr wide and in 50mtr length. 

coated abrasive rolls
coated paper roll

Cloth rolls / any dimension



Available for applications on metal / wood. There is a very wide range of coated abrasives with cloth base. Cloth is stronger than the other bases and offers the possibility to process the hardest steels easily hith high service life and perfext result. 

Paper rolls / any dimension



Available for applications on wood. We have differnet qualities for soft wood, hard wood, varnish, putty and composites.


Abrasive paper is divided to different weights according to the application needs. Lightweight paper is used for hand sanding and heavy weight paper up to 250 grams / m2 is used for machinery abrasive belts making.  


Cut to width coated abrasive rolls of any kind are available in our range


Our rolls slitting department is capable to process lots of jumbo rolls and to be flexible on slitting smaller quantities too. This is due to our two different slitters, one for small rolls and one for jumbo rolls. 


The most common widths are 115mm, 120mm, 200mm, 300mm and special widths upon request. We process any kind of coated abrasive including hard ceramics and soft supeflex cloths.

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